13 Apr

I am suffering from a friday the 13th malfunction.. Nothing goes my way!


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

5 Apr

Comfortable shoes is key to a comfortable life, shoes cost a whole damn lot so better you enjoy them. I have way too many pairs I hardly ever wear but one shoe to which I always return is adidas superstars. Today we escaped hillbilly heaven and took my visa out for some exercise, I almost started crying when my daughters chose shoes for themselves… They do take after their mother…


About kindness

3 Apr

In my nights of sickness and crazy dreams where I was avoiding Zac Efron who really wanted to date me and I didn’t want to date him (hot tip, don’t watch 17 again while experiencing a fever unless dreaming about Zac Efron suits you just fine).

I was exhausted when waking up after tossing and turning all night long.

So I got in to a hoarse but yet heated argument with the baby daddy about who should take care of the girls at this point since I’ve lost my voice and felt well crap I felt he should deal with them. But he felt otherwise and the girls arrived at my place this evening with a big bag of food, lots of different food, mostly stuff I’ve never eaten because it’s weird or too expensive.


My ex will also drive the girls to preschool tomorrow. Bliss. I just want to sleep.

What a life

2 Apr

I am once again coughing my lungs out a real splendid end to a crappy workweek, taking one sickday for the very first time in this jobplace…

Why I do it permanently

29 Mar

Today I listened to two women talking about how long it takes for them to get ready in the morning… It took forever!
I am sleepy and not a morning person thats why I color my lashes and shower in the evening leaving my mornings to brush your teeth, put clothes on, brush your hair and run like a mad cow!

Do’s and don’t’s in the countryside.

27 Mar


-enjoy nature by walking in the forrest

-sit on the porch in the sun

-plan a bbq party


Do not:

– get sick/ill between 4pm and 8 am any weekday. nor during weekends or fridays unless you are willing to drive 70 km to the nearest hospital where you can wait to meet a doctor for hmm 2 hours. This i what we here call all family fun!

-Get the shoppingfever unless you want to shop online or drive 70km.

-Think you can order take away instead of making food. There is no such places here.

-Think you have an iphone and therefor can enter the world wide web anywhere, not doable since 3G is nowhere to be found here.


But do move here.

My emigrating sister

21 Mar

My sister is moving to Stockholm and I’m here to see her off. She’s moving to an exciting big town and me, I moved to the smallest dead end ever, life is not fair!